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The Caelum Collection

The Caelum Collection vanities are available in a rich Dark Chocolate or White finish, available in two sizes.  What sets the Caelum vanities apart from the others in our collection is our delicate attention to the detail and designing of the etched glass door design. Underneath these elegant doors is a large under vanity storage area common to most vanities– but the true beauty is what is hidden.

The Caelum Collection vanities conceal behind a ‘dummy front’ drawer underneath extra storage offered as a spacial ‘push & rebound’ style drawer– that means you push the drawer gently, and the drawer pops open for you! This drawer is constructed front and back, all solid-wood dovetail joints. The drawers are designed with careful consideration of the vanity top that will be installed and provide sufficient clearance for all plumbing necessary for installation.

The Caelum : matching Mirror cabinet, and Mirror are available at an additional cost.

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